Change Log and Updates


Latest release September 2018:

  • New: Create and manage share user lists
  • New: Create and manage products for mass deployment
  • New: Turn on (or off) advanced menus
  • New: Device Search
  • New: Japanese language support with Google translate
  • New: Sign In and Create Account 
  • Improvement: Left navigation reorganzied
  • Improvement: Community forum
  • Bug Fixes: various fixes and performance improvements


Previous release v22:

  • New: Pricing plans
  • New: Manage your Subscription on Account page
  • New: Change credit card payment information
  • New: API Key and webhook added to Account page
  • New: Introduced Fair Use Policy - please read it!
  • Bug Fixes: additional various performance and bug fixes

Previous release v21:

  • New: Easily Share any Device on your list to any other remot3.it user account
  • New: Pi Installer deb-package must be updated to use delete Device
  • New: Version checking on Pi installer and notifications of new Pi versions
  • New: Releases now using numbering format v21, v22, etc.
  • Updated: Help screens for bulk registration
  • Updated: Better selection of multiple rows on Device lists for Actions
  • Updated: New remot3.it pricing plans
  • Updated: Storage screens now includes file Size and Created Date
  • Bug Fixes: additional various performance and bug fixes

Previous release v1.19:

  • Release version numbering has changed, current release is 1.19
  • Bulk registration does not flag duplicate device names
  • Tsunami malware warning using Avast anti-virus
  • After sign-in, close tab instead of logging out. Subsequent login sometimes hangs
  • Some devices are missing their HWID, CATEGORY_A, CATEGORY_B, CATEGORY_C info
  • Unexpected task status of “Job was finished but task still running.” This should have been “Task running on device failed to complete.”
  • Un-registering all devices is not always successful
  • Typos in e-mail when deleting bulk registration
  • Upload button stays active when upload is in progress
  • If you have multiple accounts, sometimes you will log into wrong account
  • No warning if you close browser tab while upload in progress
  • File upload does not always succeed
  • Clear All Status columns button now available
  • Remove sharing icon from services modal dialog
  • Remove trash can per service from services popup modal
  • Remove dashboard

Previous release v1.7:

  • Enhanced device management features
  • Enhanced Bulk Jobs Status view that shows current and historical activity, now with Search
  • Import (Register) devices via CSV
  • Select one, or multiple, files from the remot3.it file storage area to use with your scripts (useful to distribute files across a fleet of devices)
  • Rename your devices and services
  • Import (Register) devices via CSV
  • New Raspberry Pi installer now available and required to user remot3.it with Pi
  • Account profile page (more to come)
  • Introduction of new Paid plans
  • Various performance and bug fixes

Previous release v1.5:

  • Launch available services from the Devices view
  • Status Columns let you run scripts, that populate specific information
  • Category Columns let you add label information to your devices for sorting and grouping.
  • More grouping options
  • Filter by Device names for easier management
  • Rename Devices and Services
  • Various performance and bug fixes


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