ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

If you receive this error in response to trying to make an SSH connection with a proxy URL and port, please run the ssh command again with the -v (verbose) option, e.g.

ssh -v -l pi -p 23568

If you see this message:

debug1: ssh_exchange_identification: Security Violation<br> Please logout and log back in<br>

it means that our server has detected two different source addresses used in this connection request.  This can happen if you are behind a proxy server or using a VPN.  It can also happen if you are using a mobile device or mobile hotspot for internet connection from the client side.

If you are using the API, please note that the "host_ip" metadata in the /device/connectd call must be your client's current public IP address, not the device's IP address.

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