Why does the connection URL keep changing?

The URL and port for a connection is requested from our server at the time you make a connection, and will often change.

To make the connection point persistent, there is a way to accomplish that today, although it requires the use of a client side daemon. This is demonstrated in the sample scripts shown here:

The basic idea is that you use the service's UID along with a login token (retrieved from our cloud REST interface) to start the client side daemon and then that connection becomes available on (for example). The script is hard coded for SSH but it can be modified to just return a URL instead of making the SSH connection for you. The script likewise will return a connection for an http endpoint.

Another possibility if you don't mind doing a little programming is to use our REST API documented at to grab the dynamic connection info. The typical sequence is:

/user/login gives you a login token to use with the next 2 calls
/device/list/all pulls down JSON formatted list of all of your services
/device/connect, given the UID and token, will return a dynamic connection URL:port to use

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