How do I use the web site on a Mobile Device?

Overview: To date, has not been tested nor has optimized for mobile device usage.  Small mobile device screens can cause challenges for viewing and using, especially when there are large tables filled with data (such as the Devices view).  As such, is best used on a desktop PC.  
Some users have reported success with current versions of iOS and Android operating systems.  
Issue:  How to sign into may not be obvious on a mobile device.
Instructions: To sign into on your mobile device, follow the steps below after navigating to with your mobile browser.
1) Touch the 3-line icon to see the Navigation Menu
2) Scroll down to find the ’Sign In’ menu option
3) Choose ’Sign In'
4) After choosing ’Sign In’, scroll down the navigation menu.
5) Sign in to your account by entering your username in the top field and your password in the bottom field.
6) Scroll down and to the right, then tap the Sign In button
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