Upgrade a Raspberry Pi or X86_64 Debian device to over a Weaved ssh connection

Follow these instructions if you already have a Pi or x86_64 Debian-based system with one or more services registered at  Log in at first to confirm that your device does NOT appear there.  If your device and all of its services are already visible at, you don't have to do anything else.

Use these instructions ONLY if you are connecting to the device over a Weaved ssh connection. These instructions are safe to perform on a remote Pi running RASPBIAN Wheezy, Jessie or Stretch ONLY in your account without physical access. For example, over the Internet to a Pi in another location.  It has also been tested and confirmed to work on x86_64 architecture Debian-based operating systems (e.g. Ubuntu and Mint).

If you do have physical access to the device being upgraded and can connect to it over a LAN (without using Weaved to connect) then click here for simpler instructions.

If you are starting out with a fresh device, with no pre-existing Weaved services installed, then click here.

After completing these instructions, your device and all its existing services will also become available at Your device will still be available at, however at the end of January 2018 that website will be discontinued.

Please access this document for the most recent procedure.


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