"WARNING-NONE" in Service Column

If you see "WARNING-NONE" in the Services column while running weavedinstaller, it means that no tcp listener was found on that port.  This could mean:

  • The desired program is not installed.  Note that while the weavedinstaller script has options for configuration with VNC and web servers, these programs are not installed by default.
  • The program is installed, but it's not running.  Check to make sure the program is running and works over the LAN.
  • The program is installed and running, but it's on a different port than you have specified.  To see all tcp listeners running on your device along with the ports they are using, run the command

sudo netstat -apn | grep tcp | grep LISTEN

Lines beginning with "tcp" represent TCP v4 sockets.  Lines beginning with "tcp6" represent TCP v6 sockets. 

An entry such as means "listen on all interfaces for traffic on port 5901".  This corresponds above to 11419/Xtightvnc.  This indicates that process ID 11419 is the Xtightvnc server.

An entry such as means "listen on interface (localhost) for traffic on port 3350".

The output shown is just one possibility and what you will see depends on how you have your device configured.  Check the documentation for netstat to learn more about this very powerful utility.

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    apache2 seems to be the exception.  I have found that in spite of this warning, a default installation of apache2 on the Pi works with the http connection to port 80 anyway.  Please try it and let us know if you have any issues.

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    With Sudo netstat -apn | grep tcp | grep LISTEN i don't get any tcp listeners, what do i do?

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